Who to inform?

Registering the death

When someone dies a doctor should be called. The doctor issues a certificate stating the cause of death, along with a document outlining who is eligible to register the death. Every death should be registered within five days by contacting the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages where the death took place.

If the doctor sends the medical certificate directly to the Registrars, allow a few days for it to arrive before attending. Whilst at the Registrars ask for several copies of the death certificate and also a ‘green form’ which should be given to the funeral director so he can collect the deceased from the mortuary and organise the funeral arrangements.

Then, a copy of the Death Certificate should be sent to:

  1. Company pensions/personal pension providers
  2. Inspector of Taxes
  3. Banks and Building Societies of joint accounts
  4. Company Registrars of joint shareholdings

The following should be informed:

  1. The local authority (with, if appropriate, a claim made for reduction due to single occupancy)
  2. Credit card companies (confirmation sought that the survivo`s cards are still valid)
  3. Doctor`s surgery and hospital attended by the deceased
  4. The DVLA of the change of ownership by completing the relevant section of the vehicle registration document
  5. Motor vehicle insurers (and confirmation obtained that the car can be driven)
  6. Department for Work and Pensions

The following should be returned:

  1. The deceased`s drivers licence should be returned to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AL
  2. The deceased`s passport should be sent to The Passport Office, 101 Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9BD