Low fixed cost quote

If you decide you would like help from a professional, we can offer you an immediate quote for the work.

The solicitors we use are located in parts of the country where salaries and overheads are lower, and the savings are passed onto you. You won`t need to attend at their offices as the whole process can be done over the phone and on-line.

Savings passed on to you

The quote will be extremely competitive and fixed from the outset so you will know exactly how much will be paid. You will have nothing to pay now, and the payment only comes at the end of the process and out of your loved-one’s estate.

In deciding who to use it`s important to note costs can vary wildly. Bank fees can exceed 4% of the estate, and `Trust Corporations` and London Solicitors routinely charge 2-3% of the estate and often more if they are a named executors in the will. This can be even more when an hourly rate is used together with an `up-lift` as a percentage of the estate.

Typical fee comparison – see the savings you could make

Banks 4% of the estate
Trust Corporations 3% of the estate
London Solicitors 2-3% of the estate
Our Solicitors 1-1.5% of the estate


`Trust Corporations` are not required to be regulated or insured, so check they are. Solicitors may sometimes charge more if they are named executors in the will.

Carefully selected probate specialists

The solicitors that we have carefully selected only specialise in probate work, and their fees routinely equate to 1- 1.5 % of the estate`s value. We would encourage you to compare our quote against other providers so you can make an informed decision. You must also take as long as you need to reach that decision, and we are confident that it will be very competitive.