Help with applying

Applying for Probate can be a complicated process. It can be time consuming, with completing forms and corresponding. Perhaps because of this most people ask for assistance from professionals.

Some of the benefits of using a professional are:

  1. An Inheritance Tax form must be completed on every application
  2. Using a professional can be quicker
  3. There is no interview required at the probate registry
  4. Where there are several beneficiaries the use of a professional can be helpful as they will be impartial in dealing with questions and queries throughout the administration of the estate
  5. Professionals carry indemnity insurance if mistakes arise
  6. A professional may be able to help with minimising the tax liability in regard to certain reliefs that can be claimed

Seek Legitimate assistance from a third party whose fees will be covered by the Estate.

If an Executor does not wish to take on the responsibility and would prefer the estate is fully managed. IWC offer a fully managed probate service. Call us on 0203 985 9553 for further details.

Our service can be reviewed here:

We offer a fixed fee that is agreed before we start work. One of our consultants will visit the Executors at their home (coverage across England and Wales) and go through the work that needs to be done. IWC fees, when divided between all of the beneficiaries, typically results in each beneficiary only paying a few hundred pounds for a fully managed probate service.

Choosing this option would be preferred if:

a) The Executor does not have the time

b) The Executor is concerned about legal and procedural matters.

c) There is a challenge to the will by outside parties

d) The Estate has no funds to pay off existing debts

e) The estate is subject to inheritance tax and the Executor does not have experience to deal with such matters.

f) The deceased owned a business or a farm

g) A foreign Grant of Probate is either required or needs to be obtained. This would typically occur if the deceased owned assets outside of England & Wales.