Your Ultimate Guide to Probate

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understanding probate guide
A fully updated guide to Probate
  • Our essential Probate Guide helps you find all of the appropriate probate forms to download and complete.
  • If you need clear Probate information with ready-to-adapt letter templates, this new package is for you
  • You will be making huge savings on solicitors fees and there will be no salesman in your home

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The pack has been very useful in demystifying the process – I’m surprised the authors haven’t been bumped off by the union of lawyers!!!” - Damien McInerney

In the Guide, You Will Discover:

Answers to important questions!

Covering what work is involved at different stages of administering and winding up the estate, who to notify and what to verify, preparing estate accounts, understanding tax implications and distributing income, along with a clear and very useful Probate checklist.

Clear explanations of key terms!

You’ll find a glossary clearly explaining a number of legal terms.

Nearly 30 adaptable letter templates!

With `pre` and `post` grant letter templates – from banks to utility companies – included, many people are finding this a very useful resource.

This Guide is for you!

If you need clear DIY probate information with ready-to-adapt letter templates, this package is for you.

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“Very helpful information for reassurance that you are on the right track. Good value, easy to follow and use” – Liz Pert-Davies

"Good value for money. Easy to follow and will no doubt make my task easier" - Iain Rowland

understanding probate guide
A Fully Updated Guide to Probate
probate guide price

Clear answers to important probate questions

Plus a special bonus of letter templates

and finished form samples

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