Minimise your risks of financial loss

One of the most important things to do after you have obtained the grant of probate is to place a "Trustee Act Notice" advertising for creditors. Failing to do this increases your risk of financial loss. Placing a notice gives you protection from creditors of the estate. You should wait at least two months from [...]

Have I been over-charged for probate?

Have I been over-charged for probate? The cost of probate varies enormously from those who effectively pay nothing by going through the process themselves, to those who pay tens of thousands of pounds in fees to solicitors. We want to hear from you as to how much you paid, and how you were charged - [...]

Reclaim care home fees/Income Tax

1. Did the deceased person spend any time in a nursing or care home? If so, it is necessary to investigate whether you can recover any care fees paid by the deceased person or his/her family, dating back to 2003. These amounts can be substantial, often running into tens of thousands of pounds. Many people [...]

Will I have to sell my home to pay for Care Home Fees?

Will I have to sell my home to pay for Care Home Fees? There's no law that says if you go into care you will have to sell your home to pay for it. What the law says is that if you go into a care home you will be given certain allowances, but you [...]

Is it only Solicitors that can undertake probate?

As a general rule, yes, as probate is a 'reserved' activity it`s the preserve of Solicitors, similar to litigation or the transfer of land. For ease 'reserved' would be better described as 'regulated'. However, there are so many exceptions to this rule that a more accurate answer would be, no. For starters executors can apply [...]