Probate Property

Two important actions to take where the deceased owned a property: 1. Notify the home insurer of the death. Ensure that insurance cover is maintained and that any special conditions (for example inspecting the property every 30 days) is adhered to. 2. Cut down on the risk of a burst pipe by either keeping the [...]

Minimise your risks of financial loss

One of the most important things to do after you have obtained the grant of probate is to place a "Trustee Act Notice" advertising for creditors. Failing to do this increases your risk of financial loss. Placing a notice gives you protection from creditors of the estate. You should wait at least two months from [...]

Before paying any money to beneficiaries

It's always a good idea to do a bankruptcy search against creditors and beneficiaries before releasing any money to them. It's a free service that can be performed online here: Print off the search results and keep a record for your file. If you pay any money to a creditor or beneficiary who is [...]

Can you avoid probate altogether?

Can you avoid probate altogether? Here are three scenarios where probate is not required: 1. Estates worth less than £15,000 In most cases financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies waive their right to ask for probate where the estate is worth less than £15,000. Instead, they will release the funds to the executor [...]

When to notify beneficiaries of their inheritance?

When should you notify beneficiaries of their inheritance? There is not a right time or a wrong time, but nobody should inherit anything until the grant of probate or letters of administration (where there's no Will) have been issued by the probate registry. It follows then that the most appropriate time to notify beneficiaries of [...]


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Effects of Death on Powers of Attorney

If the deceased had given a power of attorney to someone during his/her lifetime, this will automatically cease on the death and not when probate is granted. It is important that the attorney is notified and also the institutions that the attorney was dealing with (eg Bank, Building Society) are informed of the termination of [...]


The insurance company providing cover for the property of the deceased will need to be notified. It is important to take careful note of any conditions imposed by them as a result of the death of the policyholder and perhaps the property being unoccupied. It is quite usual for the insurance company to require the [...]

Securing the House and Contents

If the deceased has left a property which is now unoccupied (empty houses) then the executors must make sure it is made secure along with the contents and protected from theft, vandalism and other hazards. During the cold months it will often be sensible to drain down the water system unless the central heating system [...]

Funeral wishes

If the deceased left a valid will appointing executors then possession of the body passes to them. In all other cases the next of kin will take possession. Executors or next of kin will almost always want to carry out the wishes of the deceased unless it is not practical to do so. The will [...]