Sample Probate Letters

We have many examples of pre- and post-grant letters you may need to use in the probate process, along with a list of useful contacts. These are all available to download as part of our Probate Guide and Letters pack.

Pre-Grant Letters:
1 Bank/Building Society

Bank – Funeral Expenses
Bank Building Society – initial letter
Credit Card
Mortgage Company
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2 Work

DWP Jobcentre Plus
HMRC – Income Tax
Pension Provider

3 Household

Buildings insurance
Council Tax
ISA PEP Manager
Life Insurance
NS&I – Initial Letter
Share Registrar
Utility Providers

Post-Grant Letters:
1 Misc

Creditor – Settlement
Estate and Distribution Accounts
Letter to Beneficiaries Enclosing Cheque
Receipt from Beneficiary
Shares – Stock Transfer
Shares – Grant
Utilities – House Sold

2 Send Grant To

Bank – Grant
Investment – Grant
Land Registry Letter
Life Insurance – Grant
NS&I – Grant

Useful Contacts

Useful Contacts
These letters are all available to download as part of our Probate Guide and Letters pack.