Probate Forms

Download and complete the appropriate forms here for the Probate Registries using our samples and guidance. You will find these as editable PDFs in sections based on whether or not Inheritance Tax is to be paid.

No IHT payable (complete PA1 and IHT205):
1 PA1 Probate Application Form

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2 IHT205 Inheritance Tax Return

Send to the Probate Registry:

  • PA1
  • IHT205
  • Will (if present)
  • Official Copy of the Death Certificate
  • Cheque for Probate Fee (plus extra for 5 Official Copies of the Grant, payable to “HMPG”)

and await their response.

Where IHT is payable:
1 IHT400

2 IHT421/422/423


Then – send to CTO (Capital Taxes Office)

  • IHT400 (plus supplementary pages)
  • IHT421 (Tax Summary)
  • Pay tax (IHT423 to Bank/Building Society where appropriate)

Then – await return of IHT421 before sending to the Probate Registry

  • PA1
  • IHT421
  • Will (if present)
  • Official Copy of the Death Certificate
  • Cheque for Probate Fee (plus extra 10 Official Copies of the grant, payable to “HMPG”

and await their response.